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As the prevalence of autism increases, so too should there be an increase in support and treatment options for those on the autism spectrum. The Youth Autism Program at MOKA provides this support, helping children with autism and their families learn skills in a manner that has been shown to be most effective, applied behavior analysis (ABA). The goal of ABA is to create socially significant behavior change that has a positive impact on the individual’s quality of life. This means that the focus of therapy is on the individual and what is important to them and the people who help support them.

Each child we see will receive an individualized treatment plan addressing their specific needs and concerns. Within an individualized treatment plan, skills that may be targeted include: communication, academic, self-help, play, social, gross and fine motor, and visual perceptual. Using reinforcement, we seek to increase these skills and decrease undesirable or dangerous behaviors, such as tantrums, aggression, non-compliance, and stereotypical behaviors.

Whether the child is seen in a clinical setting, home environment, or in the community, the focus is always on teaching new skills that allow the child to gain access to new opportunities, people, and places. As with many of the other programs offered by MOKA, independence is the key that drives the treatment sessions. We work with individuals in hopes to provide them with opportunities to become connected with others. It’s important that individuals become part of the community in which they live so that they become valued neighbors, friends, church members, and club members. We hope that the individuals we serve are able to grow and experience new opportunities.

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