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Steve's Story

Goals are Dreams with Deadlines

We first introduced you to Steve in 2004, a person who greets everyone with his incredible smile and his positive energy. Steve has lived in one of our Kent County residential homes for 12 years. His room looked like an athlete’s bedroom; medals hung on the walls and still do, from basketball, soccer, track and bowling. Steve won them all, and is proud of his gold medal in soccer. His success is a direct result of his goals, perseverance, and desire to keep on achieving. Since we first shared Steve’s story, he’s been busy. He graduated from East Kentwood High School in 2003 and has held as many as three jobs at one time. On the day I met him, he was working at the Cedar Creek Center, where he is a Certified Green Clean Technician. He also works at White Creek Lumber and Hardware in the paint department and equipment rental. 

Steve’s favorite book is the Bible and he attends Resurrection Life Church. His favorite car is the Mustang, which he hopes to own and drive one day. He had a driving permit in the past and would like to get a driver’s license in the future. His deceased paternal grandmother, Florence May Ferrari is his hero who taught him to help other people, do your best, and be a leader. He volunteers for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans every Sunday and has for the last 6 years. He likes to give speeches and talk about abilities, because he believes there is no such thing as a disability. He has spoken for MOKA on policies and procedures and participated in the network180 Annual Quality Improvement Audit Focus Group. He has coined his own word: “fantastical,” which means better than awesome, excellent and very good. Besides being an accomplished speaker, Steve loves to compose rap music and is a writer. One of his poems “What Is Love?” was in a collection of poems published in 2010. 

Steve accomplished recent goals of becoming his own guardian in June 2011 and paying the monthly contract on his own cell phone for the last year. His current dream is to move into his own apartment by August 2012. He’s started to look at apartments to rent, his budget, and the list of what he will need to furnish it. Steve shared his hope to marry his girlfriend Mary Margaret on Valentine’s Day 2015 and eventually start a family. 

When asked what the MOKA staff means to him Steve shared, “MOKA staff really listen to me and want me to be successful. They want me to be independent and on my own someday with some help. I appreciate all of them for being there for me, for not giving up on me. They do care for me.” With his goals, achievements and determination, we agree, Steve is fantastical!

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