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Stephanie's Story

Steph’s World Expands Day by Day: So Does Her Impact

 Often, the right environment is all someone needs to thrive. After trying a few different living arrangements, both with her family and on her own, Steph found her home at Rail Side  in 2011. Since then, her confidence has grown and her hard work has paid off.

 When Steph came to MOKA, it didn’t take long for everyone to notice her incredible work ethic and helpful attitude. Over time, she learned new ways to communicate when she gets frustrated. According to Rachael, Steph’s Supports Coordinator, she has grown to trust the staff at Rail Side and chooses to spend her time volunteering and helping anyway she can.

 “Steph’s made massive improvements across the board,” said Rachael. “Just last year, we supported her desire for greater independence in the community. Now, she’s in charge of her own schedule and spends a lot of time at the library. And if she’s not there, you can find her volunteering in the community.”

 Steph also volunteers at her church, which she attends every week. Most recently, Steph started volunteering at Botsford Performance Horses, a local farm. Her drive to be a greater part of her community has led her to begin working with a job coach, who is helping Steph build a resume, search for jobs, and get ready for interviews.

 Even though she’s heavily engaged in volunteer work, Steph makes sure to find time to pursue her other interests. She enjoys going to camp and will be attending two camps this summer. She also participates in the Special Olympics every year. A star bocce ball athlete, Steph recently won two gold medals at the State level.  This ambition to succeed empowers her to continuously improve and contribute to her community.

 “Steph is all about respect,” said Rachael. “If you give her respect, she’ll give it back.”

 We’ve had a great six years getting to know Steph and watching her pursue her dreams. MOKA is proud to be part of her journey. We can’t wait to see what she conquers next!

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