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MOKA’s foray into providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with autism continues to grow and evolve. This is true of individual children we serve as well, and there’s likely no better example of growth and evolution than Raphael.Raphael was tested and referred through HealthWest to the autism collaborative needing critical help with what are called “pivotal skills”—at the very minimum: toilet training, eating skills, and producing words. When Raphael began in the program, he had literally no functional language and his teachers were working on the very basic goal of orienting his attention. A few months after commencing the highly structured ABA training sessions, he became much more vocal and verbal, using words to express his needs and interact with others. He has also progressed tremendously in toilet training, eating, and other functional skills critical to his future success. Raphael’s test scores, particularly on the VB-MAP (the test used to assess progress along several domains for children with autism) increased dramatically, rising from a baseline score of 8-9 to a range of 30-40. Amazing progress.

“He became much more vocal and verbal using words to express his needs and interact with others."

Raphael is just one of the children served in the ABA Treatment Program by MOKA in collaboration with HealthWest and other local providers. Many opportunities presented themselves this fiscal year for developing the skills of current employees, empowering them to pursue further training and certification. In addition, MOKA program directors and employees consciously invested time in designing increasingly effective programs and more sophisticated data systems, all with idea of responding to the burgeoning need for this service in the near future. We are as excited about Raphael’s amazing successes as we are about achieving similar success with children awaiting this critical treatment option.

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