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My Linh gets so excited when talking about her favorite things, there is a contagious laugh behind her smile as the energizing ideas she is communicating appear to be coming to her faster than she can emit the words. A native of Vietnam, My Linh currently resides at the Greenboro Home in Kentwood, where she lives with two other women whom she considers close friends. Although My Linh speaks Vietnamese and English and benefits from the support of an interpreter, she communicates her thoughts very effectively.What prompts My Linh’s excitement? For one thing, any opportunity to talk to people of her culture in her native Vietnamese. Home manager Malik Amandou and the home’s long-term employees have done an excellent job in pursuing opportunities for My Linh to build new relationships that facilitate her full inclusion and enculturation in the West Michigan community, as well as connection to local Vietnamese communities.Malik reached out to the owners of a local Vietnamese restaurant, who openly embraced the opportunity to support My Linh. Applying her previous job experience cleaning at a school, My Linh helps out for two hours a week at the restaurant cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, and mopping the floors. She enjoys the interaction with the restaurant owners as much, if not more, than the tasks she completes. My Linh has a strong work ethic and sees her “work” as the gift she contributes to most of her relationships. She talks enthusiastically about Tuesdays and her opportunity to help and to connect.

"Her teammates can be heard yelling, ‘Go, My Linh, go!’ as she rounds the bases."

My Linh is very athletic and quite competitive. Greenboro employees describe her as a “winner.” She plays on various sports teams based on the season—softball in the spring and summer, basketball during winter, and soccer in fall. These teams have afforded My Linh the opportunity to build relationships, exercise greater independence, and build confidence. When My Linh eyes a softball pitch and sends it flying to the outfield, her teammates can be heard yelling, “Go, My Linh, Go!” as she rounds the bases. My Linh beams as this story is told.Malik and members of the Greenboro team all agree on one thing: My Linh has made tremendous progress since moving to Greenboro. With a very curious mind, My Linh has become more deliberately independent, insisting on trying new things first before asking for any assistance. Success for My Linh has been supported by a stable team whose employment longevity supports a deep understanding of her needs. My Linh’s goals and dreams include being an even greater part of her Vietnamese culture and eventually moving to her own apartment. We believe in her abilities to achieve her goals, so all we can say is “Go, My Linh, go!”

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