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At MOKA, we measure success differently. Individual's goals are self-determined, and so each benchmark or measure is completely and truly unique. Our services support each individual, with specific goals for increased skills and accomplishment in the areas of community connectedness and independence. Below, you'll find stories of individuals who chose to work with MOKA to reach their dreams. 

Amazing Successes

When it comes to growth and evolution through ABA Services, there is no better example than Raphael.

Meet My Linh

My Linh wished to become more connected to her community, especially while speaking her first language, Vietnamese. She found that opportunity!

Learning the Ben Language

If you’d asked me 15 years ago how I’d feel about putting my son Ben in adult foster care, I’d have said, positively, “No Way!” I don't feel that way anymore.

Dreams are Goals with Deadlines

We were first introduced to Steve with his infectious smile, success, and goals in 2004. He keeps on achieving, working, rapping, and writing.

A Home of My Own

Jon has accomplished something many homeowners dream of doing: he owns and paid off his house!

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