Beginning with the end in mind

Life Goal PlanningLife Goal Planning (LGP) is an empowerment tool for individuals to dream a little, think about where they want to live, work, volunteer and create a vision for their future.

Transitions - The word “transition” is often connected to the High School student, but transition really applies to moving from one life stage to another. Transition happens many times in our lives. LGP is a supplement to and not a replacement for Transition Planning.

Support - MOKA created and trademarked Life Goal Planning, which includes an individual session free of charge, and your personal convenient updateable binder.  The note book binder outlines a process for individuals to create their personal Dynamic Life Goal Plan. LGP is available to everyone, regardless if you are served by MOKA or not. Individuals start to create their life goal plan in the 1 - 2 hour session using your binder as a guide.

Hopes and Dreams – Individuals  Identifying their hopes and dreams with their family or guardian, when appropriate, assists in setting goals for 1 year, 3 year and perhaps a lifetime.

LGP is a multifaceted process which includes all the needs of the individual, like independent living, employment, housing, community building, financial security and legal items. LGP supports individuals and their parents, guardians and families with the planning process, resources and MOKA plays an advocacy role and empowers individuals to be their own advocate. So whether you are 14, 40, or older, we believe it’s never too early or too late to plan! 

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