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Recognizing the importance of relationship, MOKA recently reorganized the three distinct services which comprise “community supports.”  Skill Building, Community Living Supports and Life Skills CLS, all described separately, were combined in an effort to improve both the experience for each individual and enhancing goal achievement.

The new alignment allows our frontline employees, called “mentors” to work with an individual across different settings and as they transition from program to program up to and including employment settings.   This new arrangement has already yielded positive results in easier and more seamless person centered planning, higher satisfaction from individuals served, their family members, funding representatives and our employees.

Whether an individual receives skill building, life skills CLS or Community Living Supports depends on their assessed need and personal goals.   For more information, please visit the individual program pages which are listed in the right hand

Whether working toward a specific employment goal or living
more independently, our mentors work hard to help each individual achieve their
personal dreams and goals.

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