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Skill Building

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Skill building provides knowledge, training, and exposure to new opportunities and skill development, primarily in natural environments for individuals who have a goal of employment. These services support increased independence, community inclusion/participation, and productivity. The individuals we serve receive assistance in community-based settings with skill acquisition, skill retention, and/or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. Support services incidental to the provision of this assistance such as mobility, transferring, and personal hygiene are also included. Transportation to and from the individual’s home, if necessary, is part of this service. This specific service is designed to increase individuals’ economic self-sufficiency and engage in purposeful and meaningful work and/or valued volunteer roles in community settings. The purpose of skill building is to meet a person’s vocational goal of competitive employment. Services support each individual’s plan of service, with specific goals for increased skills and accomplishment in the areas of community inclusion, independence, and productivity. Our focus is and will continue to be helping individuals to learn the skills necessary to become gainfully employed and contribute back to the community. We will do this through volunteer work, teaching job related skills, self-discovery, career exploration, job shadowing, and instructional time. MOKA will provide services and support to each individual served from a strength-based and person-centered approach. This is accomplished through a combination of:Solid assessment of individual strengths and needsAttracting and retaining competent and caring staff who see the individual and visualize strategies for helping them achieve their individual goals continually striving to maintain agency and staff competency in program strategies known to be effective in all the current programs, we make use of every conceivable community resource as our workshop, and we propose to continue to do this. Individuals served, to the greatest extent possible, will experience and be present in the community - learning and growing toward their personal goals. All services will be provided in natural, community settings. Small, scattered site conference rooms, offices, or classrooms, which we refer to as launching pads, will serve as a base from which to access these community settings. These locations will also be used on occasion to provide training focused on specific skill attainment. Services are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. An individual may choose to come full- or part-time.

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