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Our entire focus in hiring is based on ensuring the relationship between the frontline staff and the people we serve is of high quality. From the top down, we want to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the proper support and help from competent and caring staff.

We recruit and design screening interviews in order to hire only those staff that can live our simple mission: "We see the Individual in Everyone." We recently adopted "gentle teaching" as an approach to the individuals we serve, but it has had a profound effect on our company culture. Ultimately, we are attempting to create a company where everyone is treated with the utmost respect. It is primarily because we support individuals who are frequently vulnerable that we treat our front line staff with great respect so that they can pass this respect and gentle treatment on to those we serve. Therefore our relationships throughout the company reflect this gentle culture.

MOKA employees are encouraged to serve as leaders at every level of the organization whether serving in a direct support role, administrative and office staff, supervision or management. It's mission critical that everyone see themselves as leaders, advocates and as change agents in peoples' lives. If you believe this is a company culture where you can contribute your talents and thrive, please contact us.

......[working at MOKA] has been very rewarding for me and also has challenged me, showing me that I am capable of so many things. I truly love what I do and now can't see myself doing anything else." --Rachel

See what you can expect when you become a MOKA employee in this 2 minute video below.