MOKA is a nonprofit charitable organization serving individuals and their families throughout western Michigan.

  • Leadership

    At MOKA we attempt to provide leadership in our field by providing high quality services and focusing on individuals who others have found challenging. MOKA currently provides a variety of supports and services to over 800 individuals annually Our goal is to create a company that is fundamentally different in its approach to quality and innovation. Click here for our Board of Directors.

    Click here to read about our Leadership Team.

  • Partners

    Our partners are many and include the individuals we serve and their families, our employees and supportive donors. Our partners also include local community mental health agencies as well as the state rehabilitation agencies. Everyone is needed for the successful fulfillment of our mission and we are grateful for their support. If you are interested in supporting us financially or otherwise, please contact us. Click here for our full Partner list.

  • Outcomes

    Are people actually improving (or are their lives improving) as a result of the work we do? In other words, are we being effective? Are we doing this work in a cost effective way? Or stated another way, are we using our resources in a cost efficient way? Are the various stakeholders enthusiastic or satisfied with the work we do? Over the course of each year we are constantly checking our quality as an agency by looking at these outcomes and asking these three questions. Click here to see the latest statistics.

  • Accreditation

    A CARF Three Year Accreditation was awarded to MOKA in 2015 for the following services: Community Housing, Community Integration, Services Coordination, and Supported Living.

    CARF accreditation demonstrates MOKA's quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. For more information on CARF, visit