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MOKA Corporation

The MOKA Foundation was created by the MOKA Board of
Directors’ desire to deepen and expand their commitment to children and adults
with disabilities.  It was their vision
that the Foundation would act as vehicle for you and others in the community to
support MOKA through sharing your time or financial resources.    Through your contributions, the organization
is able to expand its support to the individuals we are honored to serve by
meeting needs not met through traditional funding sources.

You can support our mission in several ways through the MOKA Foundation.  Our current initiatives include:

The Empowerment Fund:   The Empowerment Fund through its Governing Committee
provides “mini-grants” of up to $750 in response to grant requests from
individuals served by MOKA.  All requests
must demonstrate that if funded, granting their request will somehow empower
them to meet a personal goal such as successful acquisition of a job, build
critical relationships in the community, or purchase needed accommodations to
live life in a more functional way.

Matching Funds for Grants:  Matching funds are essential to secure
grants from sources like the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis to build
new or replacement residential homes.  We
are grateful for the matching support we have received in constructing three
new homes, two more under construction and for support of the search for lots
for two more new homes.

Professional Development:  The individuals supported by MOKA employees
require and deserve a high level of competency. 
MOKA prides itself on the development of competent, caring team member
and does and excellent job.  This focus
on culture and development of leaders has been critical to our success.  Of course, government funding sources only go
so far and your support the MOKA Foundation will allow us to continue our
efforts in developing a “culture of gentleness,” “strengthening the resilience
of caregivers, and developing “leaders at every level” of the agency.

Expand Autism Program:  Unfortunately, one in sixty eight children in
the United States of America has autism in some form.   The
demand for ABA and other services exceeds our ability to respond.  With your help we can expand the number of
individuals we serve throughout western Michigan.

We invite you to help support individuals, both children and adults, with autism
and developmental and intellectual disabilities by making a donation today.


A CARF Three Year Accreditation was awarded to MOKA in 2015
for the following services: Community Housing, Community Integration, Services
Coordination, and Supported Living. 

It must be noted that MOKA’s 2015 resulted in “no recommendations”
which means that the agency substantially met every one CARF’s numerous quality
standards, a feat achieved by only 3% of agencies accredited internationally.

CARF accreditation demonstrates MOKA's quality, accountability, and commitment
to the satisfaction of the persons served. For more information on CARF,

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